After much hard work, consideration of the entire performance-driven industry's event calendar, religious, federal, and school holidays, and shrewd negotiations with our tremendous hotel partners, the Performance-Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) is proud to share its 2020 multi-day event schedule:


  • PDMI East: We're thrilled to call the Eden Roc Miami Beach home on April 19-21, 2020. Although we’re completely aware of the dates of the Canton Fair (spring), due to the Super Bowl and the NFL’s associated events being hosted in Miami, South Florida being incredibly impacted with conferences during the first five months of the New Year, plus late calendar dates for key religious and school holidays, April 19-21 are the most desirable available dates. Our 2020 East event is only 18 days later than our 2019 East event and knowing that most folks were able to manage PDMI West 2019 and the Canton Fair (fall) successfully, we feel confident that these dates are workable for the majority of the industry.


  • PDMI West: We are thrilled to once again call the Pendry San Diego home on Sept. 14-16, 2020. After carefully listening to our attendees’ optimal fall meeting times, we’re pleased that we successfully secured a date that is respectful to all fall religious holidays, as well as sensitive to key industry events such as the Canton Fair (fall). Furthermore, the overwhelming support for PDMI West 2019 lends itself to a repeat at the finest hotel in America’s finest city. 


Additionally, the PDMI is actively searching for 2021 venues. In this search, our goal is to find dates that will be compatible with key industry events, and religious, federal, and school holidays. As a reminder, securing venues that accommodate 1,200 to 1,500 people in desirable cities requires a minimum of 12-to-18 months advance commitment. Since the PDMI is now 15 months old, we are finally getting to a point where we have the proper time allowance to make such decisions — hence the PDMI West 2020 dates.


As we continue to work hard to find the perfect city, the perfect venue, and the perfect dates for the PDMI's events, we thank the industry for its continued patience and participation.

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