Nielsen Sigma: Daily Insights for Your TV and Radio Campaign

What Is It?

Fine-tune in-flight local and national campaigns with daily reporting to manage your inventory and maximize your profitability.


Nielsen Sigma is an advanced tracking system providing superior TV and radio performance monitoring. We monitor local TV stations across all U.S. markets and provide broad coverage of national broadcast and cable networks. Our dual watermarking system is ready for use at all major distribution companies and compatible across the majority of analytics software.


Nielsen Sigma is built on one of the most advanced technologies in the industry. We utilize dual audio/video encoding technologies for redundancy in key markets to ensure the delivery of accurate data and provide monitoring for your digital broadcasts.


Nielsen Sigma coverage includes high-definition (HD) and standard-definition (SD), locally and nationally.


Sigma Technology

Our specially developed Nielsen commercial watermarking devices, deployed at major commercial distribution facilities, embed audio and video codes in a single pass. This highly efficient process adds further quality assurance so that your commercials are monitored correctly in both analog and digital environments.


Why Daily Insights Matter

In today’s fragmented media landscape, commercial verification is an essential part of optimizing results for your DRTV and radio campaigns. Nielsen Sigma offers accurate, timely, comprehensive tracking details and readily accessible same-day information on your campaign airings.



Complete coverage allows you to verify your TV and radio airplay through one integrated source:

  • All national Broadcast networks, including Hispanic networks.

  • All 210 Nielsen DMA (Designated Market Area) regions, across 2,200+ stations (including digital sub-channels and low powers)

  • 250+ national Cable networks (including regional sports networks, diginets, and VOD)

  • 50 DMA regions of Local Spot Cable

  • 2,000+ AM/FM radio stations and satellite radio in more than 140 U.S. markets (including Puerto Rico)


Key Benefits

  • Same-Day Reporting: allows for real-time verification while campaigns are in-flight.

  • Radio Tracking Details: utilizing Nielsen BDS tracking system to provide daily reporting of commercial spot and public service announcement (PSA) detections.

  • Simple Set Up: getting up and running on Nielsen Sigma requires minimal effort. Once Nielsen encoding has occurred, a simple online check is typically all that’s required to get started.

  • Integrated Insights: Sigma reports are delivered in a straightforward format that can easily integrate with the systems you’re already using to measure return on investment (ROI).


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