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PDMI Membership Pricing

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The Performance-Driven Marketing Institute (PDMI) believes the cost of your annual membership should be commensurate with the size and scope of your business. Though all members will have the same opportunities to contribute to the success of the PDMI and the performance-driven marketing industry, the first step in the door should be a decision that is easy for you to make. We believe the benefits of PDMI membership will surpass your company’s investment in it. 


Below are the PDMI’s membership tiers and annual pricing. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at or (949) 549-4273.


You can also reach out directly to a PDMI representative:

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Membership Level                                                                          Annual Cost


Tier 1: Sole proprietor/2-person partnership                                              $1,000

(Maximum gross annual revenue: $250,000)


Tier 2: Businesses with gross annual revenue of $0-$5 million                   $3,000


Tier 3: Businesses with gross annual revenue of $5-$10 million                 $4,500


Tier 4: Businesses with gross annual revenue of $10-$20 million               $6,000


Tier 5: Businesses with gross annual revenue more than $20 million        $9,000


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