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April 8-10, 2024 / Eden Roc Miami Beach

2024 Educational Sessions

Presented by Bluewater

(as of March 7, 2024)

Tuesday, April 9

9:30-10:30 a.m.

Fast and Furious: The CTV Evolution on Overdrive

As consumer adoption of connected TV (CTV) and all of its outlets continues to fly past all projections, how can performance marketers understand and execute successful campaigns across the hundreds of possible outlets? The power of data measurement and institutional knowledge has never been so important to D2C brands and their media buying partners as a new outlet explodes. Join a group of CTV ad-tech experts as they share the latest on this crucial new landscape.

Speakers: David Koye, tvScientific; Sergei Peysakhov, TCA; Brij Shah, Comcast Advertising; Leif Welch, JamLoop

Moderator: Cass Baker, GainShare

11 a.m.-Noon

How CTV Outlets Are Reaching Hispanic Consumers
Presented by the U.S. Hispanic Council

Hispanic consumers are all-in on connected TV (CTV) and streaming media outlets, with a bevy of analysts remarking on how the sector is overindexing on both access and viewing. But how are CTV ad sales teams putting performance marketing clients in front of that huge — and growing — market? Hear directly from leaders in the space about how D2C brands can reach the Hispanic CTV audience.

Speakers: Matt Brehm, Roku; Beth Johnson, Omni Direct; Mari Mazzarri, NBCU/Telemundo; Joe Melaragno, Samsung Ads

Moderator: Marcelino Miyares, d2H Partners

1-2 p.m.

Retail Is Dead: What the Jenner-Kardashians Know That You Don’t

Presented by the E-Commerce Council

Social commerce is expanding thanks to Meta, Google (YouTube), TikTok, and others moving toward total shoppability, while new digital marketplaces are proving exciting for both consumers and brands. And while Amazon remains at the forefront of e-commerce thanks to the growing role of AI internally, the online shopping leader is facing perhaps its greatest threat yet. What about traditional retail? The numbers are alarming, and the sector is struggling to survive with a too-slow shift to what consumers want today. Learn the inside secrets about the state of e-commerce — and how to maximize your digital sales in 2024 — from this panel of experts.

Speakers: Mary Ann Bautista, Bautista Direct Marketing; Andrew Farrar, HandsOnConsulting; Ranjit Mulgaonkar, Flatworld Group

Moderator: Jack Kirby, TCN: The Creative Network

2:30-3:30 p.m.

Solving Your CTA Puzzle
Presented by the Brand Response Council

Building from a conversation that wowed a PDMI Take 20 webinar audience in January, a group of creative and call-to-action experts discuss the evolution of performance marketing mechanisms and how consumers are responding to marketers' ads today: URLs, QR codes, good old toll-free numbers, and more. How are D2C marketers tracking consumer response? And how are they activating quickly when one CTA is outperforming all others? From QR codes to click-to-call — and everything in between — get real-life examples of what’s working in the field and more during this one-hour event.

Speakers: Chris Kasdorf, Dial800; Ken Kerry, Script to Screen; Gregory Silvano, Buyist; Mike Tang, Flowcode

Moderator: Chris Foster, Modern Postcard

4-5 p.m.

The Expanding Reach of QR Codes

As performance marketers continue to look for a leg up in response and tracking capabilities, the QR code has become a powerful tool for both. From direct-to-consumer campaigns across all media to out-of-home events — and more — brands and marketers from across the spectrum are finding success driving customer response and gaining first-party customer data using QR codes. Hear from experts on the technology and the marketers they serve how and why QR codes continue to change the game.

Speakers: Sarah Andreadakis, Bluewater; Lauren Gross, Southern New Hampshire University; Linda Goldstein, BakerHostetler; Randi Tutelman, Flowcode

Moderator: Andrew Donato, XR Extreme Reach


Wednesday, April 10

9:30-10:30 a.m.

Linear and CTV Media Outlet Roundtable

A group of sales leaders from major media outlets chat about the latest challenges and opportunities for performance marketers as the worlds of linear TV and streaming/CTV continue to evolve. How are brands and buyers best served with the right opportunities on the growing array of outlets? How can linear and streaming work in conjunction to exponentially build a campaign’s success? And what’s next?

Speakers: Christine Georgakakis, Reelz; TaraLynn Marinho, Roku; John Rinaldo, Dish Media
Moderator: Thomas Haire, The PDMI

11 a.m.-Noon

Problem Solving to Open the ROI Funnel for Performance Marketing

Presented by the Women’s Leadership Council

How do you apply best practices when solving marketing challenges? In this everchanging marketing landscape, there will always be problems to solve for a stronger ROI. How do you apply best practices and new models? Is artificial intelligence (AI) in your mix? What about design thinking? What are the best practices for opening your funnel for revenue growth? What what tools do you need to identify solutions, and how are you able to communicate your resolve with internal and external stakeholders?

Speakers: Shannon Ellis, Juice Media; Matt Kelley, GainShare; Racine Levy, Angi; Michael Weinstein, Ideal Living

Moderator: Fern Lee, THOR Associates

1-2 p.m.

Brand Mastermind: A Conversation About What’s Working in Performance Media

Presented by the Brand Response and Workshop Councils

Featuring a select group of leaders from performance marketing brands, this mastermind conversation will allow these experts to openly discuss what is — and isn't — working on today's complex direct-to-consumer media landscape. The goal? To educate PDMI East attendees on the current and future needs of successful performance brands as the media universe and consumer expectations grow.

Speakers: Shani Dar-Gispan, Playtika; Max Koenig, National Debt Relief; Matthew Laramee, Southern New Hampshire University; Jenni Moseley, Oracle NetSuite

Moderator: Natalie Rutledge, TCA

2:30-3:30 p.m.

AI Changes the Agency Game

Performance marketers and the companies that service them are merely scratching the surface of the power of artificial intelligence (AI). From creative applications like script writing and AI-powered visuals to media buying agencies and their ad-tech partners finding ways to streamline processes to maximize campaign profitability, AI and machine learning technology are forcing leaders to rethink how D2C marketing works best. Hear from a panel of experts on how AI is changing how agencies serve clients — and how to make yourself indispensable in the age of automation.

Speakers: Sheilagh Bryan, Modus Direct; Mike Rabinovitz, Echelon Fitness Multimedia; Mike Stahl, Consultant/Fractional CMO

Moderator: Andy Latimer, Bluewater


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