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Educational Sessions

Tuesday, Oct. 10

9:30-10:30 a.m.

Currency Conversion

While Nielsen remains a key player, its long-standing monopoly in TV ratings and the brand media buying and sales space is no more. Performance marketers have long used other methodologies to assess their success, but as streaming and CTV providers gain strength — and an array of data and measurement providers have popped up with solutions for marketers — the concept of a single currency ruling the ad buying world is gone. What should marketers be looking for in ad measurement? A panel of currency and ad measurement experts weigh in during this exclusive roundtable.

Speakers: Tara Franceschini, LiveRamp; Joseph Gray,; Ross McCray, VideoAmp

Moderator: Delia Marshall, Eicoff

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11 a.m.-Noon

The Attribution Whisperer

Presented by the Women’s Leadership Council

How can you best capture consumer data across all channels to ensure each interaction is properly weighted? Attribution! It’s a science: marketing tactics need analytical determination for contribution to sales or conversions. Transactional revenue in performance marketing is particularly important to attribute so that marketing teams can determine which campaigns, channels, and messages have the strongest impact on a consumer’s decision to purchase. Regardless of traditional, digital, or omnichannel initiatives, the insights allow customization to not only improve ROI but also to allocate resources to create more targeted and effective campaigns. This session promises to be disruptive, as attribution continues to baffle the best of us.

Speakers: Danielle Benigni, TouchPoint Integrated Communications; Douglas Crouthers, Brand Street Market; Meghan Glenn, Flowcode; Michael Weinstein, Ideal Living

Moderator: Fern Lee, THOR Associates

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1-2 p.m.

Media Outlet Roundtable

A group of sales leaders from major media outlets chat about the latest challenges and opportunities for performance marketers.

Speakers: Christine Georgakakis, REELZ; Jeff Nash, MeTV-Weigel Broadcasting

Moderator: Carey Chase, Modus Direct

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2:30-3:30 p.m.

Performance Marketing and CTV: What's the Buzz?

With projected ad sales growth this year of more than 13 percent — and an annual compounded growth rate of more than 10 percent during the next five years — there’s no denying the change that CTV is bringing to the media marketplace. What opportunities can performance marketers expect from this outlet in the coming months and years? Hear from a panel of ad sales leaders from top CTV outlets.

Speakers: Matt Cote, Magnite; TaraLynn Marinho, Roku; Kaitlin Stebbins, Samsung Ads

Moderator: Thomas Haire, The PDMI

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4-5 p.m.

Agencies on Record

As the lines between brand and performance continue to blur, how are leading media agencies navigating relationships with clients and media outlets? What are the latest challenges for performance media buyers? And are the next successful performance media outlets hiding in plain sight? A panel of agency executives answers these questions and more.

Speakers: Vicky Chang, Tatari; Michael Lyons, Juice Media; Thomas Starr, BMG360

Moderator: Brij Shah, Comcast Advertising

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Wednesday, Oct. 11

9:30-10:30 a.m.

Proposed Negative Option Rules Not Positive for Performance Marketers

Presented by the E-Commerce Council

The PDMI E-Commerce Council tackles the hottest regulatory story so far in 2023: the FTC's announcement of its intent to impose additional stringent restrictions on negative option marketing, online subscriptions, and more. On June 23, the PDMI’s Government Affairs Council finalized and filed the PDMI’s official 20-page comment during the rulemaking process. What’s happened since — and what’s next? Hear from a panel of e-commerce, legal, and compliance experts about what performance marketers.

Speakers: Linda Goldstein, BakerHostetler; Len Gordon, Venable LLP

Moderator: Gregory Silvano, Buyist

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11 a.m.-Noon

Reaching the Hispanic Consumer Via New Media Outlets

Presented by the U.S. Hispanic Council

The world of connected TV (CTV) and streaming media is beginning to wake up to the opportunities available by highlighting their U.S. Hispanic subscribers. How can brands best position themselves to use these hot new media outlets to reach the growing Hispanic marketplace and build performance sales and lifetime value with this loyal consumer segment? Hear more in this conversation among U.S. Hispanic media experts.

Speaker: Garrett MacDonald, Audience X; Ozzie Martinez, Telemundo

Moderator: Marcelino Miyares, d2H Partners

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1-2 p.m.

Maximizing Your Creative Across Outlets and Screens

Presented by the Brand Response Council

Today’s shifting array of media options — from digital video to social media and from linear TV to CTV and FAST channels — offers brands an evolving creative challenge: reaching your consumer on the right media with the right voice and the right story. How are performance brands tackling this creative and media mix maelstrom to drive brand growth, return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), and customer lifetime value at the same time?

Speakers: Jack Barrett, Urban Legend; Alex Dinsmoor, Script to Screen; Scott Frost, TaylorMade Golf; Lewis Rosa, TCN: The Creative Network

Moderator: Chris Foster, Modern Postcard

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