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Educational Sessions

Tuesday, Oct. 25

9:30-10:30 a.m.

What’s Old Is New: Digital DTC Marketers Discover the Scale of TV

Presented by the E-Commerce Council

It’s a story as old as marketing in the TV era itself: where once there were direct mail marketers who hit the wall of scale and needed a new outlet to grow their products and services to new levels, now it’s the array of wildly successful digital direct-to-consumer marketers who are finding roadblocks to scaling successfully. The answer then is the answer now: television. Though the landscape of TV is shifting, it remains the lone outlet that can help e-commerce-based performance marketers overcome the final hurdles to scaling their businesses globally. Hear from a panel of experts on making this jump to kick off your PDMI West educational experience.


Speakers: Jason Manly, KoreHealth; Ron Steblea, Cannella Media

Moderator: Gregory Silvano, Buyist


11 a.m.-Noon

Regulatory Hot Topics: What You Need to Know Now

Presented by the Government Affairs Council

The FTC didn’t take the summer off: in recent months, the commission offered comment periods to the industry on planned changes to the Telephone Sales Rule (TSR) and Disclosures (digital advertising regulations) — both of which the PDMI’s Government Affairs Council took the lead on putting together the association’s feedback about your desires for new rules. In this session, council members will provide an update on those processes, as well as other key developments in both federal and state regulatory action.


Speakers: Daniel Kaufman, BakerHostetler; Shahin Rothermel, Venable LLP; Damon Wright, Gordon Rees LLP

Moderator: Thomas Haire, The PDMI

Venable LLP

1-2 p.m.

How the QR Code Is Changing Media Attribution

Presented by the Workshop Council

A technology that had all the buzz — but little of the follow through — last decade was resuscitated during the pandemic, due to the needs of local businesses and improved technology: the QR code. If you’ve eaten out at all since March 2020, you know what we mean. But that return to the spotlight has also found the technology a home in performance marketing and media attribution, with many direct response TV campaigns — from marketers big and small — successfully using the codes to turn prospects into leads (and sales). Hear from marketers and tech experts on how and why QR codes are changing the game.

Speakers: Meghan Glenn, Flowcode; Jane Pak, POOPH Inc.; David Schwarzberg, Flowcode; David Tiberia, Bluewater

Moderator: Andrew Donato, Extreme Reach


2:30-3:30 p.m.

Attribution Journey Challenges in the U.S. Hispanic Sector

Presented by the U.S. Hispanic Council

Attribution continues to be the big buzzword with any multichannel performance marketing campaign. That goes double when running a campaign to reach the U.S. Hispanic consumer, thanks to another key question: “Was Spanish-language or general market media responsible for this sale or lead?” Continuing to delve into the topic — as they did at PDMI East in Miami this spring — leaders from the U.S. Hispanic Council discuss the latest challenges and new solutions to mapping the Hispanic consumer’s journey to purchase.


Speakers: Richard Bertodotti, Televisa Univision; Federico Garza, Telemundo; Beth Johnson, Omni Direct; Marcelino Miyares, d2H Partners

Moderator: Mike Muccilo, NBCUniversal/Telexitos

D2H_Logo_150 - FINAL VERSION - small.jpg

4-5 p.m.

How Cutting-Edge Marketers Navigate the Regulatory Maze

Presented by the Brand Response Council

Government regulation in the United States doesn’t just affect the politically minded citizen. It also affects media, advertising, and consumer behavior. Local, state, and federal policies overlap, conflict, and (sometimes) simply coexist — just like people do! And, just like us, the tensions between these regulations create challenges and opportunities. Explore how industries like CBD, online gambling, and others are affected by these stressors. Dive into privacy laws and media restrictions from state-to-state that create hoops, obstacles, and openings that brands, media businesses, and agencies must navigate. Beyond problems and challenges, this interactive panel of industry experts will tackle new ideas, consider and paths to pursue, and answer your questions. 

Speakers: Linda Goldstein, BakerHostetler; Dan Kelly, BrightLine; Les Kollegian, Raw Botanics; Cody Tesnow, Composite Agency

Moderator: Chris Foster, Modern Postcard

Raw Botanics.png

Wednesday, Oct. 26

9:30-10:30 a.m.

Agency Leaders at the Forefront of Today’s Challenges

As the economy shifts, performance marketers are wondering what new challenges await for the remainder of 2022 and through 2023. And agency leaders are in the same boat. How are these shifting tides affecting agency business? Is recession looming? Is the ad landscape softening? What macroeconomic indicators are agency leaders following to ensure their direct-to-consumer brand clients are getting the ROAS they need to succeed? A group of key DTC agency leaders join us to share the view from their front-row seat on what to expect in the coming months. 


Speakers: Vicky Chang, Tatari; Michael Lyons, Juice Media; Amie Smith, TCA

Moderator: Daniel Rodic, Agora Brands

Juice Media.png

11 a.m.-Noon

Women Warriors: Media Executives Discuss the Present and Future of Performance

Woman-owned or operated media agencies are providing clients media channels with unique opportunities through the journey from direct response to brand response — using linear TV, digital, connected TV (CTV) and OTT along with numerous other marketing initiatives. The ability to navigate these channels and run a profitable media agency speaks volumes to these leaders and their business acumen. This session will offer insight into the ubiquitous style of the panelists, as well as how differently each leader runs a media agency while charting both known and unknown waters for growth. 

Speakers: Anat Freed, Kingstar Media; Michelle Green, Two Twelve Direct; Asieya Pine, Lockard & Wechsler Direct; Gina Pomponi, Bluewater

Moderator: Fern Lee, THOR Associates

Bluewater Media Logo_Solid.png

1-2 p.m.

First-Party Data at the Crossroads of Fraud Prevention and Enhanced Customer Experience

Businesses striving to be at the forefront of digital transformation — while growing customer lifetime value — can no longer simply rely on purchased advertising data. Find out real and tangible ways you can leverage first-party data to not only detect and prevent fraud but also identify and understand your customers better, enhance their experience, and gain their loyalty to drive revenue growth.

Speakers: Alex Hamilton, Kount, an Equifax Co.; Matt Pharr, Accenture Song; Gregory Silvano, Buyist

Moderator: Scott Przybyla, Kount, an Equifax Co.


2:30-3:30 p.m.

Media Measurement and Ad Tech Solutions: What’s Next?

During the first two years of this decade, an already expanding ad tech and audience measurement provider universe seemed to go into overdrive, as media outlets, media agencies, and the clients they serve sought out new and definitive currency solutions. What was once a marketplace with clear leaders now feels as fragmented and cluttered as can be. How can performance and DTC marketers find quick and clean solutions? A group of media measurement and ad-tech experts will share the latest developments.

Speakers: Robby Barnett, Viant; AJ Brown, LeadsRx; Edwin Yuen,

Moderator: Thomas Haire, The PDMI

4-5 p.m.

Media Outlet Roundtable

A trio of media outlet leaders share market observations, their implications, and tips for marketers in this conversation that will cover topics including: shifting macroeconomic tides and their import for performance marketers and performance media; how a softening ad landscape could open up opportunities for performance and DTC marketers; how clients are finding ways — new and old — to maintain or increase ROAS; insights into this year's upfront market and the ensuing scatter market; and more.

Speakers: Maria Kennedy, Family Entertainment TV; Mark Sullivan, Paramount

Moderator: Max Van Heel, Pacific Media Technologies

LeadsRx logo.jpg

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