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Volunteering to become a member of a PDMI Council is its own form of advocacy — for yourself, for your business, and for the industry as a whole. The PDMI’s Councils are an excellent starting point for members to get more involved and for the PDMI community to hear your voice. Council members will further their leadership experience while also becoming directly involved in setting the PDMI’s course.

Three PDMI Councils are now open for membership. Read more about each below.

Workshop Council


The PDMI's Workshop Council is designed as an incubator for peer-to-peer education among PDMI members and the performance-driven marketing industry at large. Members of the Workshop Council will band together to discuss and select the best available concepts for a series of monthly webinars to be conducted by and hosted PDMI members.


The Workshop Council also will have the opportunity to regularly share its members' expertise via the PDMI's publications — PDMI Weekly and Results Magazine.

Members include:

  • Christi Anderson, Cannella Media DTC

  • Anat Freed, Kingstar Media

  • Joseph Gray, DRMetrix

  • Brian Judge, Discovery Inc.

  • Amy Mudge, BakerHostetler

  • Andrea Pass, Andrea Pass Public Relations (co-chair)

  • Asieya Pine, Lockard & Wechsler Direct

  • Patrick Raymond, Really Cool Ideas

  • Paul Rothstein, PCR Marketing (co-chair)

  • Lori Zeller, THOR Associates

U.S. Hispanic Council


The PDMI's U.S. Hispanic Council is designed as a forum for leaders in performance-driven marketing to share their expertise on one of the industry's most important growth areas: the U.S. Hispanic consumer. As this demographic grows and continues to influence more and more campaigns, the PDMI understands how crucial it is for its members to grasp the differences — and similarities — in marketing to this burgeoning marketplace.

The U.S. Hispanic Council will serve as the PDMI's visionaries in this space, pushing the conversation forward, while also supplying regular content for the association's publications and social media outlets.

Members include:

  • Denira Borrero, Omni Direct

  • Nicole Cordero, Havas Edge (chair)

  • Marcelino Miyares, d2H Partners

  • Kyle Patten, Univision

  • Nick Pietropinto, Luminess Direct LLC

  • Francis Romero, Havas Edge

  • Greg Sarnow, Allegro Response

  • Tom Sheppard, ListenTrust

Members of the Hispanic Council are regular contributors to PDMI publications. Take a look at some of their thought leadership columns:


Government Affairs Council


The PDMI's Government Affairs Council, formed in October 2019, will follow all regulatory developments affecting the performance-driven and direct-to-consumer marketing industries. The Council will weigh in on behalf of members where and when it's deemed appropriate by PDMI staff and members. Its members will also highlight important information in PDMI publications on various regulatory and legal developments at the federal, state, and local levels.

Members include:

  • Paula Brillson Phillips, Digital Law Group

  • Edward Glynn, Locke Lord

  • Linda Goldstein, BakerHostetler

  • Leonard Gordon, Venable

Recently, the Government Affairs Council worked together with PDMI members to craft an official comment on the Federal Trade Commission's proposed new rules for negative option marketing. You can view the PDMI's comment by clicking here.

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Get Involved: Apply to Serve Today


Volunteers will have the opportunity to shape and define the vision of each PDMI Council. If you're interested in serving on PDMI Councils, simply email Thomas Haire, the PDMI's chief content officer, at thaire@definitivemediagroup.com.

PDMI Council Guidelines


  1. To be eligible to serve on a PDMI council, all volunteers must be employed by a member company — in good standing — of the PDMI.

  2. PDMI council memberships are granted on a volunteer, first-come, first-served basis. PDMI council members are appointed and/or relieved of duty at the discretion of the leadership of the PDMI.

  3. PDMI council membership terms are for 12 months and are renewable for up to two additional 12-month terms per approval of PDMI leadership. A council member must reapply at the end of each term to continue their service with the council up to the three-year maximum.

  4. Each PDMI member company is allowed up to two active participants on PDMI councils at any given time. Each volunteer is allowed to serve on only one PDMI council at any given time.

  5. Each PDMI council will be led by a chair and vice-chair. These positions have a one-term limit. Each council will decide on its own guidelines for selecting a chair and vice-chair.

  6. PDMI council members will be expected to commit approximately 1-2 hours per month of direct service. Direct service will include a monthly phone conference. Additionally, up to four in-person meetings may be scheduled in conjunction with PDMI events.

  7. Members of the PDMI Workshop Council will assist with content concepts for PDMI webinars, case studies for the PDMI website, and column submissions to Results Magazine.

  8. Members of the PDMI U.S. Hispanic Council must actively serve in a role in which they work directly on performance-driven marketing efforts directed at the U.S. Hispanic demographic.

  9. Members of the PDMI Government Affairs Council must actively serve in a role in which they work directly on legal and regulatory issues facing performance-driven marketers.

  10. Membership in PDMI councils will be capped at 20 persons during the first year of their existence, with council size reviewed at the end of each year.

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