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Brand Response Council

Forging the future of performance marketing.

The PDMI's Brand Response Council brings together media outlets, media agencies, and the clients both serve to build more powerful consensus and relationships across various mediums. The council serves as a visionary group, looking ahead to find the brightest marketers and marketing ideas working in the evolving media marketplace.

Council Members

Take 20 logo

Created by the PDMI’s Brand Response Council, Take 20 is a new series of quick-hitting, 20-minute live conversations featuring leaders in the performance marketing world speaking about the hottest topics in the industry.


Coming to you twice monthly, your opportunity to attend a live online Take 20 episode and ask questions of our speakers will kick off in September. Keep an eye out for an announcement of the next episode and your opportunity to register. Click the button below to check out recent episodes of Take 20 now!

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