4 Insights for Hispanic Market Success in 2019

Representing almost one-fifth of the country’s population — and growing 70-percent faster than the general population — the U.S. Hispanic market is expected to reach $2 trillion in consumer spending by 2024. Many direct-to-consumer marketers know that targeting this demographic can be extremely lucrative and may well be the key to exponential growth during the next five years.

For some, reaching this market effectively has proven elusive — especially if prior efforts have been relegated to translations (rather than creating customized content) with limited budgets, resources, and a low tolerance for testing.

Fortunately, abundant research shows investing in a solid strategy and acquiring the right knowledge team for this audience can be the most cost-effective approach to locking in growth.

Denira Borrero of Omni Direct shares four considerations that can shape your success with this market.

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