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'As Seen on TV' Sales Explode in 2020

DRMetrix, a PDMI research partner and the direct-to-consumer (DTC) television industryʼs leading research company, uses automated content recognition technology to track television ads airing across 130 national networks.

In this report, DRMetrix takes a look at "As Seen on TV" (ASONTV) advertisers and how their television expenditure levels have exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. It analyzes ASONTV expenditures during the initial COVID-19 stay-at-home period as well as after. The data shows that 2020 has been a historic year for the ASONTV industry.

During the initial stay-at-home orders, ASONTV advertisers have increased their TV media expenditures by an incredible 376 percent over the prior year period. In the post-quarantine period, ASONTV expenditures continued to be up 200 percent.

Click below to download and read this report to learn why ASONTV advertisers have been able to increase their TV expenditures during the COVID-19 crisis. DRMetrix also provides a list of the top 100 ASONTV products based on media expenditures in 2020 — the products that will make retail cash registers sing in the coming months.

ASONTV Sales Explode in 2020
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