Drive Lower CPA by Laying a Great Digital Foundation

Once, there was a time when generating sales in the traditional direct response marketplace was simple and straightforward. A commercial would air, and you would drive the consumer to call a number or visit a rudimentary website where they would transact. Today, things are more involved.

In today’s marketplace, direct-to-consumer marketers must create an environment where the consumer will find your product or service no matter where they look. That starts with a solid digital foundation. A great digital foundation creates the funnel consumers enter when driven to respond by TV or other paid media, and is essential to creating successful direct-to-consumer campaigns. Building a solid digital foundation as the top of your funnel is essential to drive real, meaningful consumer engagement — specifically, getting a consumer to transact. Bluewater Media experts share insights on how a converged strategy examining how TV and digital media work together — both creatively and effectively — to create traction and cross-channel optimize in this article printed in Results Magazine.

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