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How 1-800-DENTIST Used Ringba's Real-Time Bidding to Achieve 1 Million New Leads Sold

PDMI member company Ringba shares a new case study about how its client 1-800-DENTIST used its real-time bidding (RTB) technology to increase efficiency, decrease labor, and achieve more than 1 million new leads sold.

Matthew Zivkovic, partner at 1-800-DENTIST, says, "We’ve brought our business into the future with Ringba. The flexibility that real-time bidding has given our organization is a true game changer. We’re operating at a level we never could before."

Ringba's favorite thing is helping clients become successful. That's why it offers services without contracts, setup fees, support fees, bundled minutes, minimums, overages, project fees, port fees, or any other nonsense. Click here to access the 1-800-DENTIST case study and find out more about Ringba today.


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