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Making A Measurable Change For TV

By Nik Thompson

“Refining is inevitable in science when you have made measurements of a phenomenon for a long period of time.”

— Charles Francis Richter, seismologist and physicist, creator of the Richter scale

Measurement of growth or success is necessary but often challenging in the business world. In television, that challenge centers on an audience that can be fickle, nebulous, and difficult to measure in a way that satisfies everyone.

Just ask Nielsen and comScore, which find themselves evolving in fits and starts when it comes to measuring digital viewing.

Knowing how many people see your programming or advertisements is only the start. More than ever, it’s important to measure how they’re watching — when, where, and on what devices.

After all, we know second-screen usage has become common among those who watch TV — and across all demographic groups. The trick is to find ways to keep those viewers from being perpetually distracted (i.e., to keep them engaged).

Flowcode takes that a huge step further by fostering and measuring engagement with specific offerings — from weather segments to breaking or ongoing news stories to advertisements — in ways that benefit TV stations, their clients, and the information consumers they serve.

The happy result: effectively connecting the offline and online worlds via direct connections that matter with best-in-class QR codes.

Whether it’s linking to extra video, enabling the ability to interact with the talent, or providing more information about an event or product, those experiences all enhance audience loyalty. With Flowcode, you’re learning and responding to people’s interests and needs in the moment and receiving useful guidance for content and advertising.

“We are able to provide rich and meaningful data to our partners for their TV content and ads,” says Meghan Glenn, sales director – media, at Flowcode (and a member of the PDMI Brand Response Council). “We share a high level of engagement analytics daypart, by programming, and even by creative type.”

Flowcode is the first to market with TV-optimized codes that enhance original content and programming, live events, and advertising across TV, OTT, and digital video. We’ve paid special attention to design, and the data tells us it’s working.

Our custom Flowcodes outperform standard QR codes on TV by a wide margin, and we consistently see scan rates and conversion rates that are far higher than standard digital metrics.

As a result, Flowcode has quickly become the preferred QR code provider for more than half of the Fortune 500 companies and thousands of others — generating hundreds of millions of connections in more than 100 countries.

“People will scan the Flowcode. If the content they’re taken to is good, they will respond to it, and you’re providing a higher level of transparency and accountability with that back-and-forth interaction,” Glenn adds.

The reason for that leadership centers not only on creating online engagement, but also on new ways of measuring results that leads to new revenue streams.

Flowcode provides its users with real-time analytics — a reliable source of information about what’s working and why. You need to know who the audience is, where they are, what they’re interested in, and what they want to buy. The results enable you to tailor your message quickly and efficiently.

And having those Flowcode elements in your toolbox can help you generate a favorable seismic shift that will bolster relationships among broadcasters, advertisers, and those who watch and choose your offerings.

Nik Thompson is in content marketing for Flowcode and can be reached via email at


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