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Modern Marketing Analytics — What's Working?

A special report produced by PDMI member company LeadsRx and Demand Gen Report examines what is working in modern marketing analytics, including new metrics and predictive tools and datasets for marketers to ensure accurate lead investment through attribution.

“The start of the pandemic was the first time that analytics has not been viewed as a nice to have, but now as a necessity,” says AJ Brown, co-founder and CEO of marketing attribution platform LeadsRx, in an interview for the report. “Marketers are really relying on external third-party validation of their work. And the ability to be impartial with analytics is what’s really important to marketers these days.”

Brown adds additional insights in an article within the special report: “Capturing the path to purchase is essential in order to understand how consumers develop a trusting relationship with your brand,” he writes. “It’s with this knowledge that marketers know what to offer, what turns people away and how to assist new buyers in optimizing their own path to purchase.”

In the article, Brown explores the three things every marketer needs to know about analytics, including:

  • Using predictive analytics to improve adaptability

  • Reinforcing internal analytics through third-party solutions

  • Looking ahead at the future of modern analytics

Brown also points out that:

  • Multi-touch attribution is the new normal

  • Capturing the path to purchase is harder

  • Marketers will be paid more


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