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Your 7-Point Checklist for Choosing the Right D2C Media Agency

By Nick Pietropinto

Direct-to-consumer (D2C) is clearly having a moment. In 2022, data shows that around 64 percent of global consumers regularly purchased products directly from brands. New research reveals that 55 percent of consumers actually prefer to buy direct from brands, with 81 percent reporting that they plan to make at least one D2C purchase in the next five years. This demand is fueling tremendous D2C growth. In 2023, D2C sales in the U.S. are expected to reach nearly $183 billion‚ a 36-percent increase from the period between 2020 and 2022. Capitalizing on this demand, more than 52 percent of consumer brand manufacturers are now embracing D2C.

The success of D2C brands, however, is far from guaranteed. In fact, D2C brands face significant challenges in achieving and sustaining growth — including an increasingly crowded marketplace competing for the increasingly fragmented attention of consumers. To succeed, D2C brands must break through the clutter to find, connect with, acquire, and retain their target audience. What's the right marketing strategy and what should be your primary focus to gain the growth you deserve?

That’s precisely why finding the right partner is critical to help plan, deploy, and refine your D2C marketing strategy. To clarify, we’re not talking about partnering with just any marketing firm or advertising agency. What you really need is a strategic partner who understands the complex D2C market and omnichannel media landscape, and who has a proven methodology for driving ever-better results from your D2C marketing programs. Let’s break that down into more detail with this seven-point checklist.

1. D2C Expertise. The D2C landscape is constantly shifting. Look for a partner who understands D2C, and who actively stays ahead of ever-evolving D2C trends, tools, and strategies. If they’re doing that work to give you a competitive edge, that means you don’t have to.

2. Relevant Experience. Look for a partner with a seasoned, tenured team and a long track record of satisfied clients. The partner you choose should have extensive and demonstrable experience not only in D2C, but in your specific vertical.

3. Omnichannel Champions. The most successful D2C marketing programs employ an omnichannel approach that encompasses digital and social media, linear TV, OTT (over-the-top) content streaming, and CTV (connected TV), as well as print, outdoor, and other channels. Your partner should be well versed in omnichannel strategies and creating the right media mix.

4. Media Agnostic. Along with taking a holistic, omnichannel approach, your D2C partner should be agnostic and unbiased when recommending which media channels to leverage. They should identify channels that will launch your marketing programs’ effectiveness — not line their own pockets.

5. Proven Methodology. In a recent survey conducted by Allocadia, 47 percent of marketing leaders admitted they struggle to calculate ROI for their marketing efforts, and 61 percent said they don’t even use ROI in decision-making due to a lack of confidence in their data. When it comes to D2C success, being able to make data-based decisions is essential to seeing results and growth. So, look for a partner with a data-driven methodology that allows you to precisely target the right audience, measure results, and continually fine tune your marketing programs to show and maximize ROI.

6. Powerful Attribution Platform. Your partner should have a full arsenal of tools and resources at their disposal to demonstrate and drive that elusive ROI, including an attribution platform. An attribution platform, typically software, will allow you to measure and optimize your campaigns across multiple media channels by tracking users who interact with your ads.

The most effective attribution platforms tell you which order from a consumer is originated on what media channel (i.e., from a social media ad vs. a Google ad vs. a TV ad). This data shows you where you’re getting the best return for your marketing dollars, so that you can adjust your media mix accordingly to lower your costs and accelerate conversions.

7. Great Team. Last but certainly not least, you should enjoy working with your D2C partner. They should not only be knowledgeable, but also responsive, flexible, and client centric. Your partner’s team members should take the extra time and effort to truly understand your business and goals, while making you feel like a VIP.

At Double Diamond VIP, we’ve built our business model on hitting these key points for our D2C clients. To learn more about our team and approach to supporting successful D2C marketing strategies, visit

Nick Pietropinto is the founder and CEO of Double Diamond VIP. He can be reached via email at For more, visit


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