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DRMetrix Presents Monthly Performance TV Index Spend Rankings

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Since the launch of the PDMI's Results Magazine in 2019, DRMetrix, an company, has provided a quarterly snapshot of the leading short-form and long-form performance marketing campaigns on television.

Starting in January 2024, the PDMI and DRMetrix are proud to make that snapshot available on a monthly basis, by releasing two months per quarter here, in the association's Web Exclusives area, with the third month continuing to appear in the quarterly edition of Results.

To find the latest DRMetrix snapshot of the top 10 brand/lead-gen short-form performance TV campaigns, top 10 traditional short-form DRTV products, and top-10 long-form products (as measured from Nov. 27-Dec. 31, 2023), please click here.

For more information on DRMetrix's services, visit its website here or contact the company via phone at (951) 370-1458 or via email at


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